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Durham College labour disruption

Emergency notification

Update: Thursday, November 16 at 1 p.m.

Ontario's community college faculty have voted to reject the offer presented by the College Employer Council. The University will continue to share info directly to its students affected by the Durham College strike.

Update: Tuesday, November 14 at 4 p.m.

The strike by full-time and partial-load faculty at Durham College commenced Monday, October 16.

The university is open. All academic activities including midterm tests and mid-course work continue. Please note: The labour disruption may impact some academic activities for Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) students in Nursing programs that are collaborative with Durham College and Georgian College. Students in these programs should monitor their email for specific messages from FHS orcontact Dr. Janet McCabe, Director of Nursing Programs with any questions.

University students, faculty and staff should anticipate delays at entrances to the university’s north Oshawa campus location. Plan extra commuting time accordingly. Picket lines can be expected to be in place by 7 a.m. daily. Please be mindful of the picket line protocol listed below and be respectful of all members of our campus community.

Durham Region Transit (DRT) and GO Transit have changed their routes during the strike. Please see Transit Updates below for current information. 

Further updates will be posted as information becomes available.

  • Transit updates

    Durham Region Transit (DRT) and GO Transit have changed their routes during the Durham College strike. Buses will not enter campus to drop off or pick up passengers at the bus loop outside the Gordon Willey Building.

    Durham Region Transit:

    GO Transit:

    GO Transit routes #52 and #93 are stopping on Founders Drive, just north of Conlin Road West (adjacent to the Software and Informatics Research Centre).

  • Midterm exams

    Midterms exams at the university will continue as scheduled. Expect delays entering campus when picket lines are in place, and allow yourself extra travel time.

  • FAQs for students in the collaborative nursing program

    What is the current status of the labour disruption?

    The latest offer by the College Employer Council has not been accepted by OPSEU (the union representing College faculty and librarians across Ontario).  The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ordered a faculty vote on the latest offer, this vote will be held from Tuesday November 14th until Thursday November 16th

    Are the UOIT-DC BScN and the UOIT-DC-GC RPN-to-BScN the only nursing programs affected?

    No. Almost all nursing programs across Ontario have been affected by this labour disruption.  Programs embrace a variety of collaborative relationships, and every program has had to instigate institutionally specific responses – which explains some of the variance that you may be hearing about. 

    What is the return to class procedure?

    When an end of the labour disruption has been announced, students will be informed of the return to school date.  

    What about midterms and assignments?

    Revised dates for midterms, exams, and assignments will be communicated on the first day of class.  The earliest any assignments/exams will be scheduled is two business days between returning to class and the scheduled assignment/exam.

    What about the final exam period?

    Exams scheduled for unaffected classes will continue as planned.  Classes will NOT be held during the official exam period. Exams for affected classes will be written at a later date, which will be communicated.

    Will the semester be extended?

    Yes.  The semester will be extended until Friday December 22nd, and may resume the week of January 2nd.  No classes will be scheduled from Saturday December 23rd to Monday January 1st.

    Course and Term Completion

    Contingency plans will be initiated as soon as the disruption ends to ensure that students are able to complete their year. Course specific plans will be released on the first day of scheduled class. Rescheduling of courses and evaluative components is to be expected due to the number of academic days that students have been out of the learning environment.

    Course completion plans will be designed to ensure optimal student learning and we will be working with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology Student Union ( to identify additional supports and feedback for planning purposes.  We encourage students to reach out to the union so that they have an understanding of student needs. 

    Where can I get additional information?

    To access further information please visit:

  • Picket protocol

    Picketers in a legal labour dispute are permitted to:

    • Establish picket lines on public property (usually at roadway entrances) to peacefully communicate information to those entering the struck premises.
    • Carry signs stating the nature of the dispute.
    • Speak about their concerns to those crossing the picket line.

    Picketers are supposed to keep traffic moving across picket lines; however, law enforcement agencies and the courts recognize there may be delays.

    Picketers are not permitted to:

    • Prevent access to the struck premises, use force, threats or threatening gestures.
  • Expectations of university faculty, staff and students during the strike

    When approaching a picket line:

    • Approach the line slowly. If operating a vehicle, plan your approach so that you will make a right-turn onto campus. This will prevent you from being caught in the middle of an intersection, or crossing oncoming traffic.
    • When driving or walking onto campus, be prepared to stop. Wait until you can safely pass through the picket line.
    • Be patient and remain calm. Picketers may give you information and then allow you to pass.

    Other suggestions:

    • Allow for extra travel time when picket lines are in place.
    • Consider carpooling with fellow students or colleagues.
    • Leave your car off campus and take public transit.
    • Monitor the Durham College website and the media for further information and updates.
    • If you encounter any difficulties in crossing a picket line, please contact Campus Security at ext. 2400, and your supervisor.

For more information, contact

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