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Stretching the capacity of ACE’s Climatic Wind Tunnel

UOIT and the community experience yoga in the elements

Climatic yoga class in the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel (November 16, 2015).
Climatic yoga class in the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel (November 16, 2015).

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) made history at ACE on November 16. The university’s renowned advanced testing facility opened its Climatic Wind Tunnel to stage the world’s first climatic yoga class.

Around 70 eager participants experienced Yoga in the Elements, an hour-long yoga journey filled with tropical warmth, soothing wind, refreshing and misty rain and energizing sunshine. The historic class was guided by experienced and charismatic yoga instructor J.P. Tamblyn, owner of Toronto-based Ahimsa Yoga. Tambyn’s unique teaching style enhanced the enjoyment of the class, ensuring those of all yoga levels felt welcome.

Climatic Yoga class in the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel

Using ACE’s seemingly endless climatic capabilities, ACE engineers were able to boost the temperature from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, create mystifying sun showers, and replicate the sun from sunrise to sunset. The climatic capabilities were set to co-ordinate with the flow of yoga poses and calming music to truly envelope participants in the elements.

ACE wants to contribute to the health and fitness of all those at UOIT and the community to ensure their focus is on innovation in all applications – from automotive technology advances to fitness classes.

“It was tons of fun, everyone really enjoyed themselves and stepped out of their comfort zone,” said Tamblyn. “Everyone was open and perceptive to it and had a really good time.”

ACE is planning to host another fitness event in January to incorporate fun ways for students, staff and the community to take advantage of ACE’s unique capabilities. The January event will treat participants to a rejuvenating sunny and tropical climate to help battle the winter blues.

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For more on J.P. Tamblyn’s Ahimsa Yoga, visit anytime for locations and class information.