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It’s a bird, It’s a plane… It’s a Wingboard!

The ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel tests the newest innovation in extreme sports

Taking flight: Testing the Wyp Wingboard in front of the nozzle of the powerful ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel.
Taking flight: Testing the Wyp Wingboard in front of the nozzle of the powerful ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel.

Wyp Aviation has successfully conducted the first full-scale, manned flight testing of its Wingboard.

The Huntsville, Alabama company took its testing to new heights inside the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel, a cutting-edge research and testing facility at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Wyp Aviation is an innovative creator of world-first aviation prototypes, including the Wingboard that allows riders to carve through the air. Similar in essence to a wakeboard, the Wingboard is pulled behind a tow plane and allows the rider to manipulate the board through a combination of body positions and control inputs to perform aerobatics.

Following three years of development, Wyp Aviation’s full-scale prototype was brought to the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel for its first human trial in late June. ACE’s impressive wind speed capabilities, large testing area and engineering expertise created the ideal environment to test the capability and safety of the prototype with a human rider, in conditions similar to being towed by an airplane.

Piloted by notable wingsuit flyer Brandon Mikesell, the Wingboard accumulated more than four hours of test time over two days at wind speeds ranging from 50 to 75 mph (80 to 120 km/h). The successful tests revealed the board to be quite stable and easy to fly.

“Testing results at ACE far exceeded expectations and validated critical performance in preparation for airborne flight testing,” said Aaron Wypyszynski, lead engineer, Wyp Aviation.

The Wingboard prototype combines engineering insight and a Wyp Aviation’s passion for flight into a revolutionary flying experience. The Wingboard is now one step closer to becoming the next extreme sport in the sky.

Get an inside look on the testing of the newest extreme sport in the sky! Wyp Aviation successfully conducted the world's first full-scale, manned flight testing of its Wingboard in our climatic wind tunnel!

About Wyp Aviation
With over 10 years of prototype experience, Wyp Aviation provides a wide range of design, prototype and flight testing services from basic performance metrics to full stability and control parameter identification for both manned and unmanned vehicles. The company also provides system integration, design optimization, and test planning and execution support.

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About ACE
ACE is a research, and testing facility that offers chambers and technology for climatic, structural durability and life-cycle testing. Facilities include one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels on the planet. In this test chamber, wind speeds can reach 300 kilometers per hour with temperatures that range from -40 to +60°C. With our solar arrays and storm generators we can create any weather conditions imaginable from sweltering jungle downpours to the paralyzing cold of an arctic storm. We use these chambers to test automotive and aerospace products, to improve the performance of elite athletes and to provide services to many other markets including the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry, film and television, and motorsport.

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Wyp Aviation contact:
Aaron Wypyszynski

ACE contact:
Colin Howard