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Secure-and-hold drill at north and downtown Oshawa locations – October 31 and November 1

secure and hold

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College are committed to maintaining a safe campus environment. As part of this commitment, the Office of Campus Safety will conduct a series of secure-and-hold drills.

The drills will be held on:

  • Tuesday, October 31 at 9:45 a.m.: the university’s and college’s shared campus location, including Campus Corners.
  • Wednesday, November 1 at 9:45 a.m.: the university’s downtown campus location.

A secure-and-hold is used to ensure public safety when a lockdown is not required but public safety is an issue. During a secure-and-hold drill or event, everyone has full access into and throughout campus buildings, but people should not to go outside the building, and should stay away from external windows and doors.

Secure-and-hold drill description:

  • A campuswide voice mail message will be sent to faculty and staff office phones as a reminder of the drill prior to 9:45 a.m.
  • A drill advisory message will be broadcast on the campus public address (PA) system, starting at 8:50 a.m. This message will be repeated several times prior to the start of the drill.
  • Upon hearing the announcement of the commencement of the drill, students, faculty and staff will follow the procedures listed below. These procedures can also be found on the Office of Campus Safety website, the Emergency Guideline posters found on campus, and the flyers distributed the morning of the drill.
    • Once the drill is complete, the all-clear will be given over the PA system and the campus will return to normal activities.

Secure-and-hold procedures

The secure-and-hold announcement will be made over the PA system.

Once the secure-and-hold is announced, follow these instructions:

  • Follow the directions given to you by Campus Security.
  • Do not exit the building unless directed to do so.
  • Stay away from exterior doors and windows.
  • If you are outside and you receive a secure-and-hold warning message, go to the nearest building.
  • If it is safe to do so, you may return to normal activities during a secure-and-hold.

If the fire alarm sounds during the secure-and-hold:

  • Assess your area for signs of fire.
  • If no sign of fire, wait for further instructions.
  • If signs of fire, evacuate if safe to do so.
  • If you choose to evacuate, use the safest exit.

The university and college realize an exercise of this nature can be an unwanted distraction; however, it is necessary to maintain the highest level of safety and security for students, faculty, staff and visitors. We also understand this experience may be unsettling for some individuals. Faculty and staff can access counselling services through the Campus Health Centre after the drills.

The campus will remain open during the drills and traffic is permitted to enter or leave the premises normally.

The Office of Campus Safety will also use the Campus Incident Response Emergency Notification System (CIRENS) to notify students, faculty and staff during the secure-and-hold drills. Students are encouraged to follow their school on Twitter to receive CIRENS messages, not only for this exercise, but for all emergent situations on campus.  In addition, students can provide feedback on the drill itself via the feedback form located on the Office of Campus Safety website.

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