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IT Services

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Phase 2 of the Bring-Your-Own-Device model

Last September, the university successfully introduced BYOD TELE to Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Science and Humanities students. In continuation of this transition, effective September 2017, all undergraduate students in three additional faculties will embrace the BYOD TELE model.

Password Security

Improving your password security and usability

Whether it’s logging on to the Internet, checking email, personal banking or shopping online, most of us need passwords to access all of these services. These codes protect our most sensitive information, but we are often so overwhelmed with the sheer number of them that many of us resort to insecure practices.

Student with laptop

Spring learning tool return, purchase and distribution

Between Monday, April 18 and Friday, April 29, graduating students will have the opportunity to return or purchase their learning tool (laptop). In addition, student learning tool distribution starts Monday, May 2 and will continue until Friday, May 13.

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President’s statement on university values

It is time, as a university community, to remind ourselves of who we are. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology is built on a promise to develop strength and capacity through research, innovation and partnerships.